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Division Overview

A division of JD Howlette Law, Justly Prudent handles the firm's civil rights and constitutional tort cases, while also overseeing legislative advocacy matters. It brings the firm’s commitment to justice, integrity, and high-quality legal representation to the sphere of civil rights law. Our advocates have a deep understanding of the complex legal issues surrounding civil rights litigation, and we share a unified belief that everyone deserves equal protection and equitable treatment under the law.

With the combined intellectual resources of JD Howlette Law, we leverage an extensive network of legal minds, making sure we bring the most compelling arguments to every case we undertake. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our services, our team, and our relentless pursuit of justice. Together, we can uphold the values of equality, equity, dignity, and compassion that are at the core of our legal system and society. 
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Our Mission

To deliver high-quality legal services in a cost-efficient manner, while adhering to realistic client expectations and environmentally-sound business practices.

Origin and Symbolism of Namesakes

We believe it is important to share the symbolism and virtues associated with Justly Prudent's namesakes, Justitia and Prudentia, which serve as guiding principles for the firm, ensuring that every action and decision is made with a balance of fairness and strategic prudence. These virtues embody a commitment to fair, unbiased treatment, and intelligent, thoughtful legal strategies. 

Justitia (Justice)

Justitia, known in Greek mythology as Themis, is the Roman goddess of Justice. She is often depicted blindfolded, symbolizing impartiality and fairness, holding scales and a sword.

  • Scales: Represent the weighing of evidence, balancing facts and logic.

  • Sword: Symbolizes the power of reason and justice, which can be swift and final.

  • Blindfold: Emphasizes that justice should be applied without favoritism, bias, or prejudice.

  • Fairness and Equality: Justitia's values are foundational to civil rights, emphasizing the need for equal treatment and fairness under the law.

  • Impartial Judgement: Her blindfold is particularly relevant, symbolizing the importance of unbiased decision-making in civil rights cases.

Prudentia (Prudence)

Prudentia is personified as a virtue in Roman mythology, often depicted with a mirror and a snake.

  • Mirror: Represents self-reflection, understanding, and knowledge.

  • Snake: Symbolizes cunning, showing that prudence involves not just wisdom but also shrewdness and strategic thinking.

  • Wisdom and Strategy: Civil rights cases often require careful navigation of complex legal and social landscapes, making prudence a key virtue.

  • Long-term Vision: Prudentia's emphasis on foresight is crucial in civil rights advocacy, as it involves understanding the broader impact of legal actions.

Commitment to Equality & Wisdom

The combination of the two virtues signifies our holistic approach to civil rights advocacy, where justice is pursued with wisdom and strategic thought. 

An Eco-Friendly Law Firm

We believe that all businesses—including law firms—have a duty and obligation to employ best practices when it comes to limiting the negative impact their operations have on the environment. To that end, we are proud to be one of the few litigation firms that adheres to strict eco-friendly practices designed to protect the environment. Learn more by clicking on each of the graphics below. 

Marble Surface

Core Values

Much of our firm's success is rooted in the six core values below. These values not only represent who we are as a business, they guide our day-to-day operations both internally and externally.


We commit to being honest and transparent in our actions, and accountable to our clients and prospective clients.


We adamantly believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and civility, and we strive to act accordingly.

Selfless Service

We place the needs of our clients first, taking the time to fully understand their objectives and desired outcomes.


We take pride in our knowledge and understanding of the law, which allows us to deliver the highest quality legal services.


We welcome diverse perspectives and opinions, and operate as an inclusive team with our clients and affiliates.

Social Responsibility

We adhere to eco-friendly business practices that significantly reduce the impact our operations have on the environment.  

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