Jesus Hernandez

Jesus Hernandez

Litigation Assistant


With a rich background in both property management and legal administration, Jesus Hernandez brings a unique blend of skills to our team. Jesus developed exceptional organizational and customer service abilities through his prior role at a property management firm, where he efficiently managed projects, optimized workflows, and streamlined processes to enhance operations. His proactive approach to managing maintenance requests and meticulous attention to vendor insurance compliance demonstrates his commitment to excellence and risk mitigation.

Jesus also previously served as an administrative legal assistant at a boutique law firm for several years. There, he coordinated and controlled a myriad of legal activities, from organizing and assigning mediations, arbitrations, and trials to creating the meticulous structure of each trial stage. His dedication to prioritizing client service and attention is evident in his work. 

Outside of his professional endeavors, Jesus is a passionate soccer enthusiast, both as a player and a spectator. His team spirit and dedication on the field mirror his commitment to our clients and our firm